Viktor Baumgartner's clients appreciate his many years of experience and competence, pinpoint feedback, clear instructions for action and persuasive techniques that can be readily implemented.

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Tailored to each client's specific challenges and situations. Doable in the real world, with clear goals and a guaranteed transfer to everyday use on the job. That's what sets Viktor Baumgartner's work as a coach apart. Viktor has been offering professional coaching services in the areas of presentation skills, negotiation skills, media communication, and sales since 2001.


We support executives by acting as a coach and sparring partner. We combine a mix of communication theory, years of own management experience and intuition to create the kind of added value you need to meet your goals.

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The benefits of coaching are multi-layered: it can help you win investors, gain the support of supervisors and employees, and communicate with business partners and other stakeholders. It can also help eliminate recurring stumbling blocks in your communication and in dealing with other people.


For more than 25 years, Viktor Baumgartner has been active as a speaker with the goal of showing individuals opportunities for further development. His talks are both inspiring and entertaining.

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And, of course, there are certain topics he's passionate about, exploring, teaching, and passing them on with enthusiasm. Viktor Baumgartner speaks about the power of persuasion, information overload, sales, service attitudes, and their intercultural aspects, all with passion and a sense of humour.


We support processes: change processes, strategy changes, leadership development, changes in corporate values or workplace cultures. Often combined with conflict management and dealing with resistance.

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We use systemic constructivist methods: from initial analyses to verification and eventual implementation of your chosen strategy. An important part of this is the work with diverse personalities and values. We take this on in an appreciative, but also direct manner. And always with an eye on your goals.