Viktor Baumgartner


Viktor Baumgartner is your specialist in persuasive verbal communication skills, whether interacting with the media, employees, investors or customers.

KERNKOMM stands for successful verbal assertiveness at the executive level.
Our verbal communication training has been delivering success since 2001. Our customers become the CORE.

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Viktor Baumgartner provides training through a highly effective communicative method. The ideas, strategy and advice can be implemented immediately by the customer.
Your benefit: Measurable positive change in the shortest possible time.

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Viktor Baumgartner’s methods and success are the result of many years of experience as a trainer in the areas of presentations, negotiation techniques, media communication and sales.


The mix of communication theory, systemic consulting and intuition creates added value for our clients and their goals.

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The benefits of coaching are multi-layered: You win over investors, superiors, employees, business partners and other stakeholders more quickly for your business. Or you eliminate recurring stumbling blocks in communication and in dealing with other people.


Viktor Baumgartner's lectures are interactive, insightful and at the same time entertaining.
Let us inspire you.

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These topics have been close to Viktor’s heart for many years.
Viktor Baumgartner has dedicated much of his professional life to research, teaching and passing on his knowledge with enthusiasm. Viktor Baumgartner talks about persuasion and attention stress, about sales, service readiness and their intercultural aspects - passionately and with humour.