Many people run into walls trying to achieve their goals with their usual manner of communication. Either with individual persons or groups they want to persuade. We'll sit down one-on-one and analyse these kinds of situations and use proven tools such as process communication and changing your perspective to identify new ways and options for persuading your audience.


KERNKOMM has been using the process communication model (PCM) for many years to help clients communicate successfully and on-target. PCM encourages you to reflect on your own communication patterns so that you can even reach people you would have previously labelled as "difficult". PCM reveals your personal communication and stress patterns. This insight helps you to formulate messages in a way that your audience will hear loud and clear. Your own stress patterns will also become obvious, but you'll also find ways to around them, too. 

The system was developed by psychologists for NASA in order to ensure smooth communication with astronauts. PCM maps your personality in both your professional and private life and will provide startling insights. The model distinguishes among six personality types and how they are arranged in your own particular "personality architecture". Susanne Richter is a long-time, licensed PCM coach.


Coaching takes place at KERNKOMM in a one-on-one setting to allow you to reflect systematically on the ways you act, especially when you're trying to find solutions to challenging work situations or forge a new way forward. The focus is always on the defined project and your individual goal. 

Through special interview techniques and other methods such as process communication and lists, we work to find the solution that's best for you. Coaching is a learning process that raises the awareness of your own resources and capabilities and strengthens your sense of self-accountability. New solutions are devised and your ability to self-reflect optimised. 


The first 100 days in a leadership position? Spinning your wheels trying to lead? How do you accompany your team through transformative processes? These are just some of the possible leadership issues. We bring our combined 30+ years of management experience in an international environment to provide systemic constructivist coaching. We also use tools such as process communication, preparation methods, and a systemic constructivist coaching approach. You will become more aware of your own capabilities and limits. Solutions are found and your leadership qualities individually optimised. At KERNKOMM, Susanne Richter specialises in leadership issues.