Analysts' meetings, shareholders' meetings, sales pitches, internal or other presentations. But who's really listening to you? Is your message getting across? Attention is a fragile and sensitive good. And more than ever in these days of information and sensory overload. Therefore tread carefully. Learn how to remove obstacles and captivate your audience and their attention.

Viktor Baumgartner will show you new and sometimes unconventional ways to achieve this. You will add to your power of persuasion and state your concerns and goals successfully. Customers confirm that the KERNKOMM method works. Use it to achieve your goals faster. 


Journalists want stories. New channels, digitalization, and new dimensions in the world of advertising are making the struggle to find the best story even harder. Successfully getting your message out there in this environment requires perfect timing and the right building blocks. Viktor Baumgartner ran media training for eight years at Ringier TV. This, along with 25 years' media experience and 10 years' lecturing on storytelling have given Viktor Baumgartner the tools to help you craft your story or prepare for your appearance or TV debate.


A topic of intense interest in the research and specialist literature. The findings remain the same. Develop trust, check customer needs, achieve good solutions even with difficult negotiating partners, and seal the deal. Those who ask, lead, but communication training helps clarify which techniques are right for your sales calls. 

In the first step, we find out what kind of salesperson you are. Are you a hunter? A caregiver? What values do you embody and sell? And how do you reach your customer? How do you handle objections? And how do you close the deal instead of wasting the opportunity due to wrong timing? How do you ultimately achieve your sales goals and still remain authentic? This is what Viktor Baumgartner will teach you, tailored to who you are and the market you're trying to reach.