Changing from a specialist organization into a sales force? Trying to move your corporate culture off the page and into real life? For it to succeed in the long term, every change needs to be sustainably integrated. We accompany you on the path to your goal. From analysis and diagnosis to implementation and success monitoring, we follow a clear, step-by-step plan.


Potential analysis is a method where an employee precisely defines his or her individual resources. In a specially structured conversation, their strengths and learning areas are identified in detail. The areas to be discussed are defined in advance and evaluated with the use of structured interviews.

The result is a detailed written report in which the employee's individual strengths, potentials, as well as values, beliefs, and other topics are discussed. The benefit comes by making effective and optimal use of employee development measures. Interviewees receive immediate feedback and thus a valuable comparison of their self-image and how others perceive them.


Conflicts often arise due to the different personalities working in a company and often from contradictions that make one group especially strong and capable of action. Conflicts are, in fact, often necessary to get things moving. Change is almost always associated with conflict and resistance; therefore, conflict in itself should not be considered as something negative. The resulting challenges usually arise not from the conflict itself, but from its escalation. 

Conflicts can, if guided in a good and neutral manner, lead to new, good solutions. Susanne Richter is a certified mediator and accompanies such processes. Often, it comes down to encouraging lateral thinking or a change of perspective and resolving those things blocking the way forward. Sometimes it only takes a little to identify one's own share of the "unsuccessful" communication or conflict. Often enough, a communication analysis or recognizing one's own patterns is enough to solve or de-escalate conflicts. 


Those who are best at your company's core business are not always the best leaders. Leadership can be learned with careful, situational coaching tailored to the manager and his or her personality. From potential analysis to executive coaching in the first hundred days of a new leadership position to turn the best specialists into good leaders.